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The CYNOGLOW protocol combines the power of POTENZA (microneedling radiofrequency) with the regenerative and smoothing virtues of PICOSURE PRO, the world’s fastest laser!

POTENZA + PICOSURE PRO, it’s like 1+1=3!


To date, PicoSure Pro is the first and only 755 nm picosecond laser approved by Health Canada and the FDA. Its unique feature is that it delivers energy in a trillionth of a second, using pressure instead of heat.

In other words, it can safely treat all skin types, avoiding any risk of burns. This includes dark or colored skin, unlike other laser technologies.

brown spots with PICOSURE PRO

It’s also the only laser approved by HEALTH CANADA to treat melasma, or diffuse pigmentation spots (spots on the forehead, around the eyes) without harming your skin.


The CYNOGLOW protocol makes it possible to increase the resurfacing power of POTENZA tenfold by adding laser resurfacing scanning in the same session, using the safest machine on the market: the PICOSURE PRO.

Explanations in pictures:

The ADE clinic is equipped with all the latest technology. As a result, we’re one of the only companies able to offer you the latest skin resurfacing protocol: CYNOGLOW!

POTENZA coupled with the skin-rebuilding action of PICOSURE PRO, without endangering your tissues! A dream come true!

At ADE, you’ll be guaranteed medical supervision, with Dr Desbordes present at the clinic to evaluate your skin. You’ll be sure of medical follow-up and the best machine settings for treating your conditions, in complete safety!

Never before has your skin been so firm, smooth, even and toned. The magical CYNOGLOW you’ve been looking for!

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