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Acne scars can be very disabling when they occur on the face. Whether it’s active acne, stretch marks or old scars, we have solutions for you!

Acne and scars

Acne scars

The technologies that resurface your skin will not only improve its texture and smooth it, but also close the pores and cysts that are the cause of your active acne.

The two technologies of choice are the following, and can be combined:

POTENZA: micro needling and radiofrequency (RF) to work on skin texture, stimulate collagen and disinfect deep tissues.

The latest-generation PICOSURE PRO laser smoothes your skin’s surface and closes pores that are sources of infection and acne.

Stretch marks

The use of a 49-needle e₮double-zone radiofrequency tip will be able to improve the appearance and textrue of your most stubborn stretch marks.

No more pre-summer complexes, take advantage of new technologies to improve your appearance. Only POTENZA will give you these results!

Stretch marks
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