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Injectable filling agents, also known as fillers, are made from hyaluronic acid with varying degrees of cross-linking: this gives them different properties of solidity, plasticity and viscosity, depending on the product used.

Fillers are used to fill the hollows and wrinkles caused by loss of volume.

mechanism of filling agents

Anti-ageing indications

Some parts of the face become worse over time as a result of this fat loss: the temples, the nasolabial folds under the nose and marionette lines are perfect examples. The loss of skin thickness and tissue filling creates a hollow, which forms the wrinkle.

filling with peri buccal fillers
Filling hollows on 2 planes to rejuvenate

Morphologism or reshaping

Filling agents are also used for purely aesthetic purposes, to modify the shape of a part of the face. The most common examples are the lips, chin, jaw etc…

Defining and correcting chin asymmetry. 1 ml

But other areas can also benefit from fillers: hands, nose, forehead, glabella… because anything is possible to give your skin and face back their lost appearance. The ADE team will evaluate the best product, injection technique, depth and quantity required to achieve the desired result.

Put your trust in Dr Desbordes and his team. They will choose the best filling agents and hyaluronic acid for you, from a range of quality products: Restylane, Revanesse, Juvederm

Each brand of fillers offers a range of products with different properties. It’s the expertise of your doctor or nurse injector that will make all the difference in choosing the best product for your needs.


The ADE clinic uses only products authorized in Canada, to ensure your safety. Indeed, the multiplication of competitive offers sometimes leads unscrupulous clinics to use products imported over the Internet. The latter obviously come from foreign countries (China, Mexico…) in order to offer unbeatable prices. Ultimately, patients are putting their health at risk by visiting these clinics, which have no medical authorization to practice. Trust only a professional!

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