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Whether it’s a mole, a sun spot or keratosis, brown spots on the face or body are an aesthetic nuisance. All the more so when they are bulky or numerous.

brown spot

At the ADE clinic, you’re guaranteed medical expertise. To do this, you will meet with Dr Desbordes, who will analyze your skin before proceeding with any treatment.

To be on the safe side, the ADE clinic will only treat benign lesions. If more dangerous lesions are suspected, Dr Desbordes will carry out the necessary tests and analyses.

Keratoses, moles

Keratoses appear with age. They are always benign. But a specialist has to examine them to be sure of the diagnosis. Their size can become very annoying, and they often reflect aging of the skin.


The ADE clinic can suggest various treatments to make them disappear, after consulting Dr Desbordes: laser, radiofrequency etc…

Brown spots, melasma

Brown spots have several causes: lentigo are small, freckle-like spots that reflect an accumulation of sunlight on your skin. Although benign, these spots nevertheless mean you need to protect your skin from the sun. Your skin has exceeded its defense capital.


Melasma is a condition that more often affects women. The cause is often hereditary or ethnic. Not only the sun, but also hormonal changes such as pregnancy or contraception will cause them to appear.

This condition is difficult to treat because the spots are often large and pale in color.

The ADE clinic has the only laser approved by Health Canada for this condition: the PICOSURE PRO laser. Trust only professionals to treat your skin.


Naevi often appear as soft, flesh-colored pimples. They are vascularized and can be sensitive. Their removal therefore requires medical expertise, and the choice of technique will depend on a number of factors.

nevus of Ota

Some nevi, on the other hand, may have a flat, colored appearance, appearing as a spot on the face or body, sometimes red or bluish in color. These conditions can be improved with the laser treatments available at the ADE clinic.

Don’t hesitate to make an appointment to discuss your condition with Dr Desbordes:

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