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PicoSure Pro is the first and only 755 nm picosecond laser approved by Health Canada and the FDA. Its unique feature is that it delivers energy in a trillionth of a second, using pressure instead of heat. Thanks to this, it offers a safe and effective treatment of pigment deposits and repair for all skin types. What’s more, PicoSure Pro is currently the only picosecond device on the market used to treat melasma. It’s also an ideal choice for treating pigmentary disorders and rejuvenating the skin. It also has the ability to remove tattoos.

Eliminate dark spots, sun spots and melasma (the only laser authorized for this purpose)

Treatment of skin blemishes
Treatment of skin blemishes

The main effect of PicoSure Pro is to combat melanin. It treats pigmentation, such as skin spots caused by prolonged sun exposure, age spots, freckles or pigmented acne scars caused by acne.

Melasma treatment
Melasma treatment

Treat wrinkles and improve skin texture

Skin resurfacing

Using a special lens, PicoSure Pro can activate fibroblast cells beneath the dermis. It stimulates collagen production and reorganization. This improves surface wrinkles and fine lines, and skin texture. By making it thicker, healthier and more pleasant to the touch, and facilitating make-up application.

Improve enlarged pores and lighten dull acne scars

Treatment of acne scars

PicoSure creates small, invisible wounds on the skin. It triggers a bubble effect to promote collagen production. Damaged skin will repair itself, shrink pores and indirectly inhibit sebum secretion. It can also lighten dark scars.

Permanently detatched

The PICOSURE PRO can target the different depths of ink in your tattoo, and eliminate the different colors. Several sessions are required to treat all the layers of color. Allow between 3 and 8 sessions, depending on depth and age.

tattoo removal by PICOSURE PRO
Tattoo removal

The PicoSure Pro uses short pulses to directly and precisely break up melanin like dust. Because of its short duration of action, it’s not easy to leave scars, and by minimizing the side effects of thermal effects, it can reduce the side effects of skin darkening. So there’s no need to worry too much about receiving treatment even in summer!

The PicoSure Pro device uniquely delivers 755 nanometer energy in a picosecond. Its fast transmission speed protects the skin from damage caused by excessive heat, while effectively targeting unwanted pigments, wrinkles, acne scars and pore lines in the best possible way, stimulating the skin’s natural renewal process.

Such pigment processing speed makes it the only laser authorized in Canada to treat melasma.

The PicoSure Pro laser has a relatively higher black pigment removal rate. It can break down pigments into extremely small particles, effectively increasing the rate of removal of both black and colored pigments.

PicoSure Pro can target a variety of skin problems, and the treatment plan needs to be tailored to each individual’s skin condition. For needs such as freckle removal, skin brightening, pore reduction and fine line improvement, significant effects can be achieved after one treatment, with a cycle of about once a month and a treatment of 3 to 5 times.

However, for tattoo removal, several treatments are necessary, as these problems require a metabolic cycle to eliminate the destroyed ink, and the effect will not be apparent too quickly.

Don’t wait any longer. You’ll be guaranteed medical supervision, as Dr Desbordes will be present at the clinic to evaluate your skin. You’ll be sure of medical follow-up and the best machine settings for treating your conditions, in complete safety!

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