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The ADE clinic is finally equipped with a fat-melting laser!

The areas targeted by this 1060 nm diode laser are residual fat on the abdomen, hips, arms, thighs and under the chin!

Note: Fat under the chin can also be treated with BELKYRA, so our experts at ADE will help you make the best choice between these 2 treatments.

You’ve tried everything: Cool Sculpting, lymphatic massages, fat burners, etc… But nothing will get rid of that stubborn grease? Then you’re the perfect candidate to try 1060 nm Diode laser technology: SCULPSURE©.

Laser SCULPSURE for fat

This laser will burn your fat cells deep down, leaving your body to eliminate residual fat naturally via your lymphatic system. Whether it’s your unsightly bulges, persistent cellulite, or fullness under the chin, SCULPSURE is the laser of choice for it!

This machine is much safer than COOL SCULPTING© for cellulite removal. Because there’s no risk of burning your skin, thanks to laser depth control.

Men can also benefit from this treatment for stubborn fat!

This laser is not indicated for all people, so it is necessary to make an appointment with Dr Desbordes before any procedure to assess your eligibility for SCULPSURE! For further information or to make an appointment:

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