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TempSure radio frequency

TAKE ADVANTAGE of 20% off all TempSure treatments, including 3-session packs, until March 30, 2024!

Take advantage of an exceptional promotional offer on radiofrequency sessions with the Tempsure device in February and March, to prepare your skin for a scorching summer!

What is TempSure?

The TempSure is a frequency device that firms tissues, stimulates collagen and melts superficial fat in certain areas. Unlike POTENZA (microneedling + radiofrequency), also offered at the ADE clinic, TempSure is painless, and even comfortable! The session allows you to relax, with a sensation of warmth in the treated area. The radiance is immediate! In addition to the aesthetic result, the session is very pleasant!

Here are the treatments offered by Tempsure:

TempSure BodyEnvi


TempsureFirm Cellulite treatment

Thanks to its regulated, diffuse heat, Tempsure can heat to precisely 44°. This is the temperature at which it will melt some of your fatty tissue. You can target your preferred area: abdomen, thighs, neck…

Let yourself be tempted by skin tightening coupled with fat melting to improve your figure!

Tempsure EyeEnvi

The application of diffused heat at 42° under the tissues in the area of dark circles and around the eyes will produce a double result:

First of all, an immediate radiance boost, erasing fine lines and wrinkles for a less tired look. But also, over the long term, tissue firming to improve the tone of your periorbital muscles.

So don’t wait any longer, visit the ADE clinic!

Whether it’s an instant weekend glow, or a more regular treatment over the months, TEMPSURE will give you immediate satisfaction, without any pain! The ADE clinic has all the latest radiofrequency technologies, with or without micro needling. Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity in Gatineau.

Contact us to find out about our rates for different treatment areas, as well as our promotional packs, and take advantage of a 20% discount on all TemSure treatments until March 30, 2024.

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