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Hello and best wishes for happiness and beauty to all e₮à all!

Christelle and Arnaud
Christelle Boyer and Arnaud Desbordes, ADE Esthétique Medical Director

It gives us great pleasure to wish you an excellent 2024! There’s a lot in store for our patients this year. The clinic is finally showing its full potential, and our wish has come true!

In addition to the injections performed by Dr Desbordes and Patricia,come and discover our new technologies:

  • High-end radiofrequency micro-needling with POTENZA (skin tighning, vitamins, scar resurfacing)
  • Treatment of facial varicose veins, skin blemishes, maximum permanent hair removal with laser ELITE IQ laser, whatever your skin type!
  • Top-of-the-range tattoo removal and resurfacing treatment with laser PICO SURE PRO (available from February)
  • Radiance boost, collagen stimulation, skin firming, treatment of pendullums and small skin lesions, etc… with TEMPSURE

And the arrival in the first quarter of 2024 of one of the most sought-after technologies… follow our news, announcing in a few weeks’ timea new machine !!!!

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