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+1 819 773 2244


Opening Hours

Tue-Fri: 1pm-7pm / Sat 10am-1pm

Before opening its clinic, the ADE team looked for the best location to offer its services, in a serene, luxurious yet friendly and warm setting.

AGORA Square

AGORA was definitely the place we fell in love with and decided to set up our clinic. Aesthetic medicine is more than a passion for Dr Desbordes, it’s a state of mind: your visit with us must be a perfect experience, from your first contact to your follow-up visit. Our sole objective is: YOUR SATISFACTION!

Place AGORA offers free outdoor parking or low-cost indoor parking. All the shopkeepers on the square are passionate about their trade, and have decided to embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship.

Because you won’t find any franchises here (no, not SUB… or MAC D….!!)! Only professionals who believe in their talent, and who want to offer you a personalized, refined, different experience. That’s why this state of mind immediately connected with Dr. Desbordes’ vision of the ideal luxury clinic. Personalized service where we take the time to listen, discuss and advise each customer. This is also the motto of other AGORA professionals.

VIVIERS products at AGORA place
ADE: A luxurious and friendly setting

view of AGORA square
The latest technologies for studying your face at ADE

Everything is there to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Dr Desbordess’ experience will make all the difference. Owner of 2 medical clinics in France, Dr. Desbordes has surrounded himself with trusted professionals for his clinic, but he will always be on hand to provide follow-up care and respond to your concerns.

The clinic is committed to offering you the latest technologies and the highest quality in terms of laser, radiofrequency and injectables. ADE has therefore created a partnership with one of the leading brands in aesthetic and laser technologies:

You’ll have access to the very best care, just a few steps from home. From the latest lasers to radio-frequency microneedling, previously unavailable in Gatineau.

The clinic also offers a range of VIVIER cosmetics. These products are top-of-the-line, made entirely in Quebec. We’ll give you advice on choosing the best cosmetics! Luxury is in the right place at AGORA. Some FILLORGA brand injectables are also used by Dr Desbordes.

Dr Desbordes
Your consultation with Dr Desbordes is always an important time to understand your expectations.

When it comes toinjectables, you’re guaranteed original products, certified by Health Canada, and used in compliance with the rules and under the supervision of Dr Desbordes.

When you receive your treatment at ADE, you can also be sure of personalized and prompt follow-up with the expertise of Dr. Desbordes to adapt your treatments or manage any side effects. Competition in aesthetics is high, but you’ll never have such a feeling of security. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

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